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Introduction of UCBPRP


The Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) are working in Sindh Province since 1992 to release the potential abilities, skills and knowledge of rural men and women, to enable them to articulate their aspirations and to effectively marshal the resources they need to meet their identified needs. The purpose of RSPs work is to alleviate poverty by enabling people to break the cycle of poverty, which begins with lack of opportunity, extends to the well-known miseries of economic and nutritional poverty and leads new generations to endure the same conditions. The process is social mobilization - bringing people together on new terms for a common purpose. The conceptual tools used for doing so are social mobilization which is to provide 'social guidance' (organizing local men and women who will take on a leadership role), advocacy, capacity building and awareness raising. The programmatic tools are training, support to institutions, micro-credit, infrastructure development, natural resource management and 'productive linkages'.

The Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Programme (UCBPRP) is a pioneering initiative of the Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) and the Government of Sindh (GoS), for reducing poverty through the potential of the people. The Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Programme (UCBPRP) was initiated on the 1st of February 2009 in 2 districts of Sindh, namely Kashmore-Kandhkot and Shikarpur, with a total budget of Rs. 3 billion. The duration of the project is 30 months and is being implemented by SRSO.

In march 2010 after successfully completing its first year this project has been extended to two more districts namely Jacobabad and Tharparker  by the Government of  Sindh and is being implemented by Sindh RSPs.

The Union Council Based Rural Poverty Reduction Programme (UCBPRP) in 19 UCs of district Khairpur commenced on 1st July 2009 and would be completed in 36 months by core- funding of SRSO.

The aims of UCBPRP to target the poor through the process of social mobilization, harnesses their potential and enables them to build productive assets, reduce vulnerabilities and improve by and large, the condition of their village or locality.

Social Mobilization is the first step in eradicating some of the barriers that the poorest face. This entails organizing rural communities into organizations of the poor at the community, village and union council level. In the case of the Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Programme (UCBPRP), it caters towards removing common hurdles such as lack of assets, credit, technical skills and inability to afford health-care, which ultimately prevent the poorest from climbing up the poverty ladder.

The Project is designed to reduce rural poverty using the RSPs conceptual package of social mobilization supplemented by a programmatic interventions based upon a holistic approach. In addition to poverty reduction, the project will also help improve social indicators relating to health, environment and education, especially for women and children. This will also introduce micro health insurance for the poor to avert health related shocks that push vulnerable people to below poverty line and poor to chronically poor. The project will also prepare the communities to make use of microfinance for their livelihoods and creation of assets, which are the main reasons behind poverty in rural areas.


News and Events

  • UCBPRP:  The Union Council based Poverty Reduction Programme Shikarpur, Kashmore and Jacobabad has been completed successfully achieving its targets and now is in progress in the maintenance phase of the project.

  • UCBPRP:  The expansion of  Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Programme  in district Sukkur and Khairpur have been completed successfully and has achieved targets.

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